Learn How to Safely Tow Your Trailer

Safety is one of the most essential things when it comes to towing; a runaway trailer can be among one the most dangerous things on the road. At WOW Cargo Trailers in Cochran, GA, we want all of our customers to be as safe as possible with their trailer behind them. We are going to share some of the most essential information for safely connecting your trailer, but if you have any questions, you should contact a member of our team for further clarification.


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Connecting the Trailer


You should first make sure your hitch is secure. Getting the tongue of the trailer properly attached to the hitch and locking the mechanism and pin are incredibly important to keeping your trailer attached. Next, you should be connecting two chains in a criss-crossing "X" shape to catch the trailer if it breaks off. If you can pull the trailer off of the hitch with your hands, you will need to restart and connect it again. Before driving, you should always make sure the electrical system is connected properly so that other drivers can see when you are slowing down and turning.



You should take some time to practice driving with a trailer before diving into it. Finding an open parking lot to backup, drive around, and practice turns is highly-advised. You will need to get used to the extra length that comes with a trailer, and you should be confident with your turns so that you don't put anyone in danger.

Contact Us With Any Questions


Our team is always excited to talk about safely travelling with a trailer. We can answer any questions that you need to ask before you can drive confidently. It takes a little bit to learn, but once you get the hang of driving with a trailer, it will be easy! Our location in Georgia can easily ship a trailer to you if you are in Florida, Texas, or South Carolina!

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